Dan Garbati

I came to Toronto 25 years ago thinking I had life figured out. Since then, I got knocked around by life more times than I can count and failed miserably at several endeavors. But I also succeeded at getting an EMBA from Queens University and becoming a manager, a director and a VP in a few large and small companies. Most importantly I built several high performing teams, some from the ground up, others as a turnaround.

Along the way I became a passionate supporter of the idea that people are the key factor for success in business and "the company you keep" critical to success in life. Also, in the last seven years I’ve coached individuals and teams for high performance, sometimes using exciting activities to create breakthroughs and reinforce lessons.

My work mostly occurs in a classroom or in an office, but it occasionally takes place somewhere where an adventure or activity melds experience with growth in a very calculated yet meaningful way: hang gliding, skydiving, trapeze flying, walking in nature, running, improv acting, racing and many more, depending on what the situation requires. This method, which I developed over the years, creates faster and more powerful breakthroughs for participants with reliable consistency. I demand hard work from my students and in exchange I guarantee that I walk alongside them all the way to achieving their goals and becoming happy, both professionally and personally.

For businesses, I offer 5-12 month programs to create or reshape high performance teams or coaching for managers and executives. The required work is organized in sprints that have goals, actions and measurements. The sprints build up towards the target agreed upon (a measurable result) such as an improvement in the team’s results, creating a high performance team or a reduction in turnover.

Dan Garbati