“I’ve learned a massive amount of things from Dan's coaching and I truly believe that anyone serious about their growth will too.”

Catalin Luca, PhD – Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

“Dan’s program was the most memorable and awesome thing I have ever done in my life. Dan is an excellent coach; he has made a profound impact and positive contribution to growth. Dan’s pragmatic approach combining theory with various practical activities helps bring problems and solutions in perspective. His program helped me prioritize my goals and to devalue unwanted noise and distractions. Thank you, Dan!”

Dhana Srinivasan – Development Team Lead, Infor

“Thank you so much for everything. I will never forget this experience and will be forever grateful.“

Maryam Pirzadeh – Senior Product Designer

“I have had High Performance Coaching with Dan and it was an eye-opening, great experience. It helped me (A Lot) in achieving the goal that I had in mind. Dan is amazing at turning seemingly hard and complicated situations into simple and manageable tasks and tells you what you need to know to be better. It was a pleasure to be part of his coaching and I would want to do it again.”

Khilan Jerath – Director, Big Data Enablement, Sun Life Financial

“Dan has exceptional insight and perspective to provide coaching at any level. I've benefited from his program and advice many times over the years. I'm very grateful for his mentorship and highly recommend him to anyone looking to get to the next level. I've been critical and resistant to coaching. But the process of questioning where I was at, and what I needed was still very important, and Dan drove an important process to help me ground myself through a year of transition. Sometimes figuring out what you are not, tells you what you are. Thank you!”

Andrew Wilbur – Business Broker

“Dan's constant encouragement and guidance every step of the way gave all of us that boost to not give up. Each session and the tasks in between session were lifechanging experiences for me. The knowledge and understanding that I got from this will stay with me forever and help me grow personally and professionally.“

Sriharsha Yarlagadda, QA Manager, Infor

"I am very privileged to have had the opportunity of learning from Dan Garbati as my coach. Dan had guided me in setting audacious goals, taught me tools and techniques to break these audacious goals into achievable small steps and helped me overcome my fears. His coaching helped me gain clarity in my life and made me self-aware of who I am as an individual. He also showed me how to uncover the untapped potential within myself. I am confident Dan Garbati’s coaching will continue to guide me as I navigate through the challenges of my journey ahead!!  If you have the passion for achieving bigger goals, be it building an organisation or understanding people including your loved ones, taking Dan Garbati’s coaching will be a great first step you should gift yourself to set you for success.”

Deepak Gopalakrishnan - Director of Business Intelligence, Telus

"Dan built an amazing implementation and support team from the ground up and helped us set up processes to successfully support our clients. He hired the best resources for our organizational culture, continuously motivated the team and empowered them to be successful, while helping them use their strenghts and ambitions.”

Brenda Crainic - CTO and Co-Founder, Tacit Innovations